Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tool ten

1. For me, the most important thing the kids need to learn is the copywrite information. Next, they need - as always - good, acceptable sites to go to for research. Finally, I'm extremely concerned about the kids sharing files to get out of work.
2. turnitin.com is an invaluable tool.
3. I liked the video at the start of this lesson. I'll start with that.
4. Communication home via a letter.

tool nine

  1. It is important to tie the objective to the technology because congruency is important.
  2. It is easy for kids to waste time with these devices. Rubrics, questions, etc. are crucial to make sure they are actually doing the work.
  3. Big Huge Labs 
    Make your own magazine cover! Make your own customized movie poster. Make your own inspirational, funny, parody, sports or other motivational poster for any occasion. Ever wanted to honor and immortalize someone you love? Turn them into a trading card! And, there's more! Create an educator "portal" and sign up your students! Dictionary.com 
    This app delivers trusted reference content from Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com. No Internet connection is needed once downloaded. Recommended installing over a wired connection.  
  4. dictionary.com for obvious reasons and drudgereport.com for research
  5. I'm leaning toward research mostly, but I will play around with the other apps to get this old timer thinking forward.

Friday, March 2, 2012

tool eight

I learned that the ipads have video capabilities and the net books are extremely light.

I plan on using these devices in my class for research and projects.